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Business Growth

Growing your business is imperative to its success and a clear understanding of business growth is the first step in the right direction.

Starting a new business or expanding your organisation can be an incredibly exciting time, however it doesn’t come without risk. From initial business plans, to finance, to growth strategies, it can certainly become overwhelming.

Our experienced team at Delfinity are here to help you navigate through the challenges a new or expanding business might face, by equipping you with the clarity and confidence necessary to take action, increase revenue and grow profitably.

From brand new businesses seeking direction, to larger organisations looking to increase revenue, Delfinity can provide business plans and growth strategies that can deliver results.

Contact Fiona our Strategy and Business Growth Expert here.


A Specialist Consultancy

Delivering rapid sales growth for a specialist consultancy.

Delfinity were approached by a business that had recently recruited multiple employees as well as having recently moved into new premises, resulting in a substantial increase in organisational costs. In order to balance the figures the business had to grow rapidly.


Our team of expert business consultants carried out a strategy review of key touchpoints from pricing, customer relations, and tender management. From our review of the business strategy we delivered recommendations on financial management, customer relation management, tender and proposal management, resource management and the development of tailored work scopes. 


The Delfinity team also worked together with the founder of the company to revise organisational structure and job roles, resulting in improved resource utilisation.


Implementation of these recommendations resulted in the business securing a 20% uplift in margins within a month, and with the identification and promotion of new services lines we were also able to deliver a strong sales pipeline for the business.


We were successful in advising on business strategies and processes, enabling systems to be optimised for growth, and delivering solid business development. We left the organisation experiencing strong sales and profitability, as well as with a number of marketing recommendations and opportunities up their sleeve.

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