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Our team are masters when it comes to navigating the process of securing business funding.

With extensive experience working with organisations in securing funding, we recognise that applying for business loans or grants can be daunting.

We work with you to understanding your funding requirements, help  explore a range of solutions that align with your goals and support you in the application process.

We work with you to provide knowledgeable insights of business funding options and the means to secure them. 

Contact Derek our Chartered Accountant here.

A Biotechnology Business

Securing grant funding for a start-up biotech business.

Delfinity were brought in to advise and support a biotechnology business in securing business funding. The founder of the company specialises in academic research and antibody generation, but had little experience or knowledge of commercialisation.


With a plethora of experience in supporting business funding, our team worked with the client to support the grant application process. Alongside financial plans and applications we also assisted with financial modelling and forecasting to secure grant funding, commercially and technically astute board members and signposted to wider investment options.


The success of securing the funding for the business enabled them to invest in high quality lab space, facilitated by the Delfinity team, who offered ongoing assistance and support with finance management, as well as administrative and recruitment processes.


Since securing the funding and with ongoing support the business is nearing commercialisation of its first products.

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