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Reviewing Proposal

Creating a common culture across a multi-site business

Delfinity worked with an owner managed business to undertake a review of their culture. The owner had created and launched a set of principles without any employee engagement. How those principles were used in performance management varied manager to manager with some employees being asked to score themselves against the principles and others just having a discussion around them.

Delfinity conducted 1-2-1 employee interviews with all employees seeking feedback on the principles, the performance management process and development. The interviews identified that employees did not recognise the existing principles as being representative of the culture of the organisation.

As a result of the feedback Delfinity were tasked with creating new principles utilising a bottom-up approach. Delfinity ran workshops with all employees to identify what they believed set the company apart and what they believed the culture should be. Through a process of funnelling ideas and statements a list of potential principle statements were created and presented to the management team.

The management team reviewed the output from the workshops and accepted the recommendations to create 4 new principle statements that better represented the culture of the organisation and which were recognised and accepted by employees as representing the employees’ culture.

Following on from the launch of the new principles Delfinity worked with the company to create a new performance management process which took onboard employee feedback and incorporated the new principles.


As part of the launch of the new performance management process Delfinity undertook a 360-feedback process for the managing director to review how he was ensuring the principles were being lived and to create a development plan for himself. The principles were also incorporated into a recruitment policy and toolkit and a development toolkit to ensure that they “lived”.

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