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Remote Working

Improving employee health and wellbeing

Delfinity designed and delivered an employee engagement survey including a section on Employee Health and Wellbeing for a not-for-profit organisation in March 2021 following a year of home working because of the Covid19 pandemic.

The Employee Health and Wellbeing responses demonstrated some of the lowest levels of engagement. Delfinity facilitated a management team discussion to review the feedback and create an action plan to address the survey findings.

As a result, Delfinity undertook the following actions:

  • Researched employee wellbeing applications and recommended the introduction of Spill, an application which provides an online toolkit of wellbeing support alongside 121 video counselling sessions. Delfinity then led the implementation and roll out.

  • Researched employee recognition applications and recommended the introduction of Perkbox, an application which provides employees with rewards and discounts including wellbeing and health initiatives. Delfinity then led the implementation and roll out.

  • Researching and recommending management training on managing employee wellbeing / managing remote workers and rolling out both face to face and online training to accommodate remote workers.

Within the first month following the rollout all employees had logged onto the 2 platforms. More than 90 perks had been downloaded with employee wellbeing and health perks having the highest take up. On Spill one employee had accessed a face to face counselling session and 2 further employees had accessed therapist advice through the Q&A function. The level of take up demonstrated that the identified solutions were appropriate and welcomed by employees.

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