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Managing succession in a family-owned business

A construction business approached us struggling with how to pass the business from one generation to the next.


The different perspectives of the two generations created tension within the family and complex issues began to arise, with the current generation set in their ways and the younger generation looking to innovate and do things differently.


Our expert team spent time not only working with the organisation on a whole, but also with individual stakeholders, listening and understanding their own concerns which allowed Delfinity to offer impartial and effective solutions that would help both generations see eye to eye on the future of the business.


After a facilitated discussion on company strategy and business growth, we worked with key individuals to articulate skills, capability and ambition via structured interviews, organisational and role design, skills and capability assessment, 360 feedback and leadership team development planning.

From here we were able to gain insight into the resources required and structures that needed to be put into place. Our team of business experts worked with the client to develop a clear business plan as well as well as providing next level advice and resources directly to the individuals who would be taking on the new roles within the organisation. The original action plan was adapted over the course of the project to ensure that the client was able to clearly understand and be involved at a pace that suited them.


The project was a success and the client was able to smoothly transition the business despite complex issues in the family at the time and the business was able to continue to grow viably.

Essential support at any stage of your journey.

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