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Scottish Enterprise Contract Extension

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Over the past three years, we have been working with Scottish Enterprise to improve business performance. We were delighted to have been awarded first provider status on the Scottish Enterprise Organisation Development Framework covering HR, Rewards and Performance Management.

The framework provides diagnostic support to enable the organisations to grow and develop by addressing organisational development challenges. Our partnership with Scottish Enterprise involves helping clients review and assess core HR capabilities and issues, reward structures and processes and performance management processes and capabilities.

Upon completion of various projects with companies across Scotland, we’re delighted to announce acceptance of a one year extension to this contract.

To date we have successfully completed projects such as:

  • Review of induction processes for a multi site food manufacturer

  • Review of Employee Engagement and performance management processes for an IT solutions provider

  • Review of reward and recognition for a child education provider

  • Review of HR processes and employee engagement for a game development company

  • Review of recruitment processes for a drinks company

We’re excited to continue working with Scottish Enterprise and our first project under this new extension is a review of Development and Career Progression in a food production company.

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