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Resetting the strategy and financial performance of a research organisation

Delfinity were approached by a research organisation who were having trouble encouraging stakeholders to buy into the vision of the business, thus impeding future business growth. The organisation lacked the information, leadership and clarity needed to move forward.


With a broad range of skills, knowledge and clear insight into the sector in which the organisation operates, Delfinity were able to step in and work with the client to improve performance by reviewing organisational plans, business growth strategies and providing intensive training.


Our team of business experts worked together with the client to understand their concerns and problems. By identifying and outlining major changes required across the organisation – from governance to systems and processes - we were able to clearly define a plan of action to move forward.


Working with the management team to gain the support of the Board and external stakeholders for a comprehensive change programme, we tackled several long standing and complex issues by providing the resources and training they required.


Delfinity provided the clarity the organisation needed to take the appropriate action, leading to a redesign of their business plan and approaches in order to showcase the value of their vision to stakeholders, as well as leadership training and intensive technical support to the finance team enabling them to secure the funding they needed to move their business forward.

Essential support at any stage of your business strategy.

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